Medication Assisted Treatment in Bend, Oregon

Are you addicted to opiates or alcohol, and want professional help to take back control of your life, collect the things you’ve lost, repair the damage done in your relationships with family, friends and work associates? Do you want to do this with out being admitted to an inpatient facility? Dr DiGiulio and can help you achieve these goals and more! Call today for an appointment: 541-388-7799.

Medication Assisted Treatment is addiction treatment that utilizes FDA approved medication, life style modifications, and evidenced based social/psychological strategies that help alleviate the suffering that occurs with active addiction. Its hard work and the medications are a small part of the entire program, but when done correctly, MAT can save your life and the lives around you. Buprenorphine prevents withdrawal and significantly eliminates cravings while the naltrexone prevents overdose and relapse errors. The medication is taken in the comfort of your own environment, either daily or monthly. This medication when combined with professionally counseling and a 12 step or similar program can save your life, help you become productive and helpful to your family and friends. Call Us Today to learn more: 541-388-7799.

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